The Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions") set out the terms and conditions for use of [please insert website link] (the "website"), mobile application(s) (the "application") and any features, subdomains, content, functionality, products, services (including the Services), media, applications, or solutions offered on or through the website and/or the application and/or through any other modes, medium, platform or format (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Platform"/ "PIPPAMS Platform").

These Terms and Conditions apply to all users of the Platform, including and without limitation, all persons and users who access the Platform for availing its Services (referred to as "Students") or users who access the Platform otherwise (collectively referred to as "you", "your", or "user(s)").

These Terms and Conditions along with the Privacy Policy by reference and/or as updated on the Platform or otherwise communicated to you from time to time (including terms and conditions of other third party platforms that may be used or accessed for gaining access to the Platform or using the Services on the Platform (collectively referred to as the "Platform Term(s)"), defines the relationship between you and PIPPAMS and they shall govern your use of the Platform and the Services (defined below) offered therein. Your access to the Platform is subject to your acceptance of the Platform Terms and such acceptance of the Platform Terms forms a legally binding agreement between you and PIPPAMS ("Agreement"). Hence, please take your time to read the Platform Terms in their entirety.

For your reference, updated versions of the Platform Terms may occasionally be made available as mentioned above. You expressly accept and agree to the Platform Terms by using the Services provided, visiting and accessing the Platform, giving your Personal Information (as defined in the Privacy Policy), or in any other way indicating your agreement when given the option. In the event that you do not accept any of the terms or woold prefer not to be bound by them, kindly refrain from using the Platform

The use of words such as "PIPPAMS", "we", "us", and "our", we collectively mean PIPPAMS, LLC– a company incorporated under the laws of Michigan, USA and all of its affiliates which have license to host the Platform and offer Services. Kindly refer to the "About PIPPAMS and the Platform" section of these Terms and Conditions to know which entity your Agreement will be with.

Every term that is capitalized has a definition or meaning associated with it under these Terms and Conditions. To put it another way, if a word appears here with its first letter capitalized, it means that its meaning has been explained in relation to these Terms and Conditions and/or the Platform Terms; if not, it will be provided in the applicable Platform Terms. Whenever we refer to a term in these Terms and Conditions, we will attempt to indicate which specific Platform Terms contain the meaning or definition of that term.

  1. About PIPPAMS and the Platform

    PIPPAMS, LLC a company incorporated under the laws of Michigan, USA, is the owner, manager, operator, and provider of the Platform ("PIPPAMS")

  2. Services

    The PIPPAMS Platform offers: Student Activity Searching, Student Activity Management, Counsellor Activity Searching, Counsellor Activity Management, Calcolation of Profile Boost, Managing Student Activity, et cetera.

    The terms "Platform Services" or "Services" refer to all of the services mentioned in this section as well as any additional products or services that PIPPAMS may provide for the purposes of the Platform Terms.

    You understand and agree that PIPPAMS has the right, at any time, to modify or terminate any service, product, feature, or aspect of the Platform, including, but not limited to, its accessibility, and the Supported device necessary to use or access the Services. If you choose not to provide or only partially provide the requested information, PIPPAMS reserves the right to cancel your Subscription and/or restrict your access to the Platform.

  3. Right to access and account creation

    You must register and create an account on the Platform by providing the necessary information in order for you, the Student, to access the Platform and use certain Services.

    In order to register on the PIPPAMS Platform, you need to folfill the "Age Requirement" given below. Through your use of the PIPPAMS Platform, you attest that the Age Requirement is satisfied.

    While it is free to register on the platform, there may be fees associated with some of the Services provided. Examine the Services available on our website or application(s). It is not mandatory for you to use any of the Services or buy any of the products that are available on the Platform.

    You must have attained at least 18 (eighteen) years of age to register and use the Platform ("Age Requirement"). In case a Student is a "Minor" or "Child" and does not meet the said Age Requirement (which may be updated periodically in accordance with applicable laws), they may still register on the platform with the permission of and under the supervision of their parent or legal guardian ("Parent"). As a resolt, at the time of their Platform registration in this scenario, the Parent must consent to the Platform Terms. Please be aware that Minors cannot register on the Platform on their own. We consider that when a Parent of a Minor or Child uses the Platform, the Parent has granted permission for the Minor or Child to use the Platform by accepting the Platform Terms and that such usage is supervised by the Parent. If it is determined that you do not meet the Age Requirement and/or that the consent required to register and use the Platform was not obtained as stated above, PIPPAMS reserves the right to cancel your Subscription and/or restrict your access to the Platform. You understand that PIPPAMS is not obligated to make sure you meet the previously mentioned Age Requirement. You alone are in charge of making sure the necessary requirements are folfilled.

    Additionally, PIPPAMS grants you the permission to access and use the Platform in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, subject to the following requirements:

    1. You shall not distribute any part of the Platform, in any manner without PIPPAMS' prior written authorization.
    2. You shall not alter or modify any part of the Platform.
    3. Provided that the content is not unlawfol, obscene, threatening, defamatory, invading someone's privacy, violating intellectual property rights, or otherwise harmfol to third parties, and does not include software viruses, political campaigning, commercial solicitation, chain letters, mass mailings, or any other type of spam, you are free to post reviews, comments, and other content, send other communications, and submit suggestions, ideas, comments, questions, or other information. Simply put, make sure that everything you do on the Platform complies with the Platform Terms.
    4. While using the Platform, at all times, you are required to adhere to all applicable laws and regolations.
    5. With or without prior notice, PIPPAMS retains the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate any feature of the Platform.

    It is your responsibility to keep your password and account private so that you can access the Platform. You understand that your account is personal to you, and you agree not to provide access to the Platform to any third person and limiting access to your device to stop unauthorized users from accessing it. You consent to taking ownership of all actions taken using your account. To ensure that others cannot view or record your username, password, or other Personal Information, you shoold exercise extra caution when accessing your account from a public or shared computer. To guarantee that the password is kept private and secure at all times, you shoold take all necessary precautions. You agree to change your password right away and notify us of any unauthorized access to or use of your username or password so that we can assist you in stopping or preventing such unauthorized access. You shoold take all necessary precautions to ensure that the password is kept confidential and secure at all times. If you have any reason to believe that your password has become known to anyone else, or if the password is being, or is likely to be, used in an unauthorized manner, you agree to changing your password. Please make sure all of the information you give us is accurate and complete.

    You guarantee that the details entered by you during registration are true, correct, and accurate, and you agree to update the information as and when there is any change. To learn how we handle your information, please read our Privacy Policy.

    Kindly note that we reserve the right to refuse or put-on-hold your registration on the Platform in order to comply with legal and regolatory requirements. We also reserve the right to deny you access to the Platform, terminate accounts, remove content, and/or disable any account, feature, or identifiers—whether provided by us or chosen by you—at any time if we believe that you have violated any of the Platform Terms.

    In order to use the Platform, you must have a "Supported Device", which can be any electronic device that satisfies the necessary compatibility and system requirements and on which you are authorized to use the Platform, such as a mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer. The Supported Devices to use the Platform and/or Services are subject to change at any time, and in certain situations, a device's status as a Supported Device may depend on systems or software that the device manufacturer or other third parties provide or maintain. As a resolt, devices that are currently Supported Devices may no longer be so in the future. Therefore, in order to use the Platform, kindly ensure that device you use is compatible with our system and software.

  4. Subscription Terms

    Subscriptions to PIPPAMS services shall be charged on an annual basis. PIPPAMS provides a selection of subscription plans, namely Free, Flex, Pro, and Plus, each offering distinct features and benefits. Charges levied upon schools shall be calcolated based on the number of enrolled students, with a rate of USD 5 per student, payable annually.

  5. Pricing, Payments and Refund

    You can follow the instructions on the Platform to purchase the Subscription Service of your choice for any category or categories of content, and you can make the payment applicable for the Subscription you intend to purchase.

    Kindly review the terms listed below, which are relevant to the purchase of your Platform Subscription. The following terms must be read in conjunction with any additional terms that were provided to you when you purchased your Subscription:

    1. By using the Platform, you consent to pay all Subscription fees and charges associated with your account, and you acknowledge that you bear foll responsibility for these costs. The Subscriptions are due in foll and in advance, and they are good for the duration of the relevant Subscription Period or until they are cancelled or terminated in another way in line with this Agreement's terms.
    2. If you have given us explicit permission, payments for the relevant Subscriptions are deducted automatically at the start of each billing cycle unless you revoke it, cancel directly through your account before the billing cycle begins, or send an email in writing to the address listed under "Contact for User Support/Queries" below. If your Subscription payments are made in more than one tranche, the payment will be charged on the anniversary of the billing period. You agree that PIPPAMS may charge any recurring service to the credit card, debit card, or account that you provide/link at the time of your first purchase of the Subscription or as updated by you through your account on the Platform, subject to your specific authorization and applicable laws, provided that such update occurs prior to the upcoming billing period.
    3. We reserve the right to limit or suspend your access to the Platform until your account is fully paid in case you have not made the necessary payments for your Subscriptions.
    4. We reserve the right to use collection tactics to pursue the amount owed to us, which might involve charging other payment methods that are on file with us, hiring collection agencies, or hiring legal representatives.
    5. Your payments to PIPPAMS are subject to any applicable taxes, such as Value Added Taxes (VAT) and Goods and Service Taxes (GST), as well as any other comparable taxes that may be applicable from time to time.
    6. We maintain the right to modify or update the Subscriptions' cost. We will apply the price adjustments to current Subscriptions during the subsequent billing cycle or upon the Subscription's renewal if the relevant fees have already been paid to us.
    7. In addition to what is offered on the Platform, we further reserve the right to offer custom plans and pricing (including discounts and/or special offers), including custom billing and payment terms that differ from our standard terms.
    8. To handle payments related to the Services we provide, we make use of third-party payment gateways and/or aggregators. The third-party payment gateway(s) that you have access to might change based on which Subscription you select. In a similar view, we have also made it possible for third-party payment providers to be integrated in order to provide you with better payment options. These options may change based on the Subscription you select. The term "Third-Party Service Providers" refers to both third-party payment providers and third-party payment gateways/aggregators combined.

      In addition, Third-Party Service Providers might charge you for using or accessing their offerings, and they might need your Personal Information to finish any Platform transactions. Furthermore, you might be sent to an external website run by the Third-Party Service Provider in order to make it easier for you to finish making payments to us through the Platform or to use the payment options that have been made available to you. We are unable to and do not (i) guarantee the quality of privacy and security practices employed or the media and content offered by the Third-Party Service Provider or its websites, or (ii) regulate the Third-Party Service Provider's collection or use of your Personal Information. Therefore, we advise you to read the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and any other applicable policies of any Third-Party Service Provider before using their services in order to understand their terms of usage and how your Personal Information is being processed. Neither PIPPAMS nor any Third-Party Service Provider is an agent or employee of the other, and neither is one connected to the other in any manner whatsoever.
    9. You understand and agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless PIPPAMS, its licensors, their affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents from any loss arising out of or related to the use of the Platform or any purchases made through the Platform. You also agree that you are solely responsible for any charges that occur through such Third-Party Service Providers. Upon termination of your Agreement with us, this obligation will continue even after you stop using the Platform. "Loss" refers to all losses, liabilities, damages, awards, settlements, claims, lawsuits, proceedings, costs, and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and disbursements and costs of investigation, litigation, settlement, judgment, interest, and penalties) for the purposes of the Platform Terms. You waive all claims against PIPPAMS resulting from any action or inaction on the part of the Third-Party Service Provider(s), including but not limited to payments that are misplaced, stolen, or processed incorrectly. For all services rendered by the Third-Party Service Provider(s), PIPPAMS hereby expressly disclaims all liability and responsibility.
    10. It is important to note that PIPPAMS solely uses the Platform to collect Subscription payments; no other third party, with the exception of Third-Party Service Provider(s), is involved. Generally, we do not give any third parties (apart from Third-Party Service Provider(s)) permission to collect money on our behalf. If we do, that third party will have received a written consent from PIPPAMS in the form of an authorization letter or an agreement. Please check with the third party before sending any money to them. Alternatively, you can contact us by email at the address listed under the section below titled "Contact for User Support/Questions" to get more information.
    11. Any discounts or promotions on the Subscription prices may only be made by PIPPAMS. These savings/offers are announced on the Platform or directly to you from PIPPAMS through phone calls, emails, SMS, or other correspondence methods. They are exclusively available through the Platform, unless PIPPAMS specifically notifies you otherwise. No one, other than PIPPAMS, is permitted to provide any discounts on the Subscription prices listed on the Platform, including but not limited to any third-party platform. Any claims resulting from such unapproved discounts or offers made by anybody other than PIPPAMS will not subject PIPPAMS to liability.
    12. By accessing your account on the Platform, you can cancel your Subscription. It should be noted that the cancellation will take effect at the conclusion of the current billing period. This means that your Subscription will not be renewed; instead, it will continue until the end of its billing period and the amount paid will not be refunded. Therefore, prior to making any Subscription purchases, please carefully read these Terms and Conditions.
    13. Your account on the Platform may remain active even after you cancel your Subscription, but PIPPAMS may stop giving you access to the features that were enabled when you purchased the Subscription.
  6. Use of the Platform

    The Platform may be accessed and used by you for personal, non-commercial, and private purposes on an "as is" basis in compliance with these Terms and Conditions and other Platform Terms. This license is non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, and limited, subject to the Platform Terms.

    PIPPAMS grants you, as a Student, a limited license to access and view the content you have subscribed to in association with your Subscription for personal, non-commercial, private use only, during the applicable Subscription Period, subject to payment of the Subscription fee and your compliance (as a Student) with all Platform Terms. After the Subscription Period expires or in compliance with any restriction outlined in the Platform Terms, we reserve the right to automatically remove your access to the content from your Supported Device.

  7. Communications

    By using the Platform, you are corresponding with us digitally. When enrolling in or making a purchase of any Subscription Service, or when opening an account with us, you might be asked for a working phone number. We might get in touch with you via email, text message, phone call, WhatsApp, notices posted on the Platform, or any other way. By submitting your information, you give PIPPAMS, its affiliates, and their corresponding staff members, agents, and contractors permission to contact you electronically via phone, WhatsApp, email, or other means regarding how you use the Platform and the goods and services that PIPPAMS and its affiliates provide. Despite the fact that your phone number may be on any state’s do-not-call list, PIPPAMS may communicate to you via agents or employees. Calls on the phone could be recorded. As part of using PIPPAMS, you acknowledge that your phone company and/or internet service provider may have charged you for certain communications. You accept responsibility for any such costs, and PIPPAMS will not bear any of the associated costs. If you do not want to be contacted by phone, text, email, WhatsApp, or any other kind of communication, do not submit your information. Moreover, you will always have the choice to unsubscribe from or opt out of receiving any promotional communications from PIPPAMS and/or its affiliates. You can do this by disabling the options available within your Platform account or by adhering to the pertinent instructions that may be sent to you via text, email, or another type of communication. It is also pertinent to note that:

    1. Even if you choose not to receive promotional communications, we may nevertheless send you transactional communications, including information about your account, administrative and legal notices, and service announcements, without giving you the option to unsubscribe. If you would like to stop using our platform and receiving communications from us (apart from those that are mandated by law), you can use the enabled feature within the platform to delete your account or write to us at the email address listed under the section below titled "Contact for User Support/Queries."
    2. Rejecting promotional communications will only have an impact on our correspondence going forward. You might need to make changes to your information directly with the third party if, as per our Privacy Policy, we have already given that third party access to it before you updated or changed your preferences.
    3. We do not indulge in sale of Personal Information to third parties
  8. Processing of Personal Information

    Your Personal Information will only be gathered, processed, shared, and stored in compliance with our Privacy Policy. Please read this to learn about the security precautions that PIPPAMS has taken to protect your Personal Information. In the event that you have any questions about the same, please contact help@pippams.com.

  9. Intellectual Property

    User-generated Content: Any content that you upload, publish, submit, or post on the Platform will remain exclusively your property. This includes any content that you post as a Student by means of any text, images, media, written statements, or other content that users post anywhere on the Platform, including without limitation in the comments section (collectively, "User-generated Content"). PIPPAMS makes no ownership claims over any User-generated Content that users upload or publish on the Platform.

    The user agrees to grant PIPPAMS an unlimited, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable, and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, share, display, publish, retain, make available online, and/or electronically transmit such User-generated Content and technical information collected via the Platform to the extent necessary:

    1. to provide the Platform and our Services;
    2. to fulfill our obligations under the Platform Terms and any other written agreement with the User;
    3. to provide, monitor, correct, and enhance the Platform and Services related thereto;
    4. for the PIPPAMS Platform and PIPPAMS' (and its successors, subsidiaries, and affiliates) business, including without limitation for promoting and marketing;
    5. to aggregate user data with other data;
    6. to comply with applicable laws;
    7. to de-identify user data so that there is no reasonable basis to believe that the information can be used, alone or in combination with other reasonably available information, to identify any individual or to identify user as the source of such data.

    Please note that all of your information will be processed in compliance with our Privacy Policy, and that we will never reveal aggregated or de-identified information in a way that could be used to identify you personally.

    Additionally, you hereby grant all Platform users a limited, non-exclusive license to use your User-generated Content on the Platform.

    PIPPAMS Content: Everything that PIPPAMS and/or its affiliates provide or communicate to you, regardless of the format or media, is owned by PIPPAMS and/or its affiliates. This includes, but is not limited to, the Platform, illustrations, letters, images, ideas, concepts, the Platform's layout, design, flow, look and feel, logos, marks, graphics, audio files, video files, any software that PIPPAMS and/or its affiliates own or are licensed to use, the underlying source and object code, instructions embedded in any type of digital documents, and other data, information, or material that PIPPAMS makes available to you (collectively, "PIPPAMS Content"). Any content uploaded by users, including without limitation any User-generated Content on the Platform, is expressly excluded from PIPPAMS Content. You will not use PIPPAMS Content in any way, nor will you alter or modify its trademarks. By using the Platform, you understand and agree that you do not obtain any ownership or rights to the PIPPAMS Content or the Platform. It is strictly forbidden to use, reproduce, modify, distribute, transmit, republication, display, or perform any PIPPAMS Content or any part of it without permission. You acknowledge and agree that the PIPPAMS Content is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws.

    Without PIPPAMS' explicit prior written consent, you affirm and agree not to use any data mining tools, robots, or equivalent data gathering and extraction tools to extract, for re-utilization, any significant parts of this Platform.

  10. Breach of the Terms and Conditions

    You agree that the Company will suffer irreversible harm and might not have an adequate remedy in money or damages in the event that you violate these Terms and Conditions. As a result, PIPPAMS will be able to request an injunction from any court of competent jurisdiction to stop such a breach. PIPPAMS will not be prevented from pursuing other remedies available to it by obtaining such relief.

    In addition to the PIPPAMS' right to pursue legal action, you risk having your account immediately suspended or terminated for violating the Terms and Conditions. In certain situations, the PIPPAMS might also divulge your account information if required by a legal or governmental authority. You are aware that breaking these Terms and Conditions may subject you to legal repercussions on both a civil and criminal level under the applicable laws.

  11. Availability of the Platform

    Periodically, the Platform may suspend or restrict your access without prior notice for repairs, maintenance, or the introduction of new facilities or services. We will make an effort to keep the frequency and length of any suspensions or restrictions to a minimum. You acknowledge and agree that PIPPAMS shall not be responsible for any losses you may suffer if the Platform is inaccessible to you at any time or for any length of time for any reason.

  12. Deletion of account

    As a Student, you have the option to remove your account at any moment by using the delete feature on the Platform (if available) or by sending an email to us at the address listed under the "Contact for User Support/Queries" section below. You will not be able to access your account on the Platform if it is deleted (for whatever reason), and your User-generated Content might also be lost. Once a deletion is processed, it cannot be undone. PIPPAMS shall not be liable to any party in any manner for the inability to access User-generated Content resulting from any deletion, and PIPPAMS is not responsible for the loss of your information or User-generated Content upon deletion. Please note that all accounts will remain active unless you specifically request that we delete them. Additionally, applicable Subscription payments will be deducted until you cancel them or, as mentioned in the "Pricing and Payments" section above, until you request that your account be deleted, or until you otherwise terminate it in accordance with the Platform Terms.

    Although we will anonymize your Personal Information (as defined in the Privacy Policy) so that you can no longer be identified as an individual in association with such information made available by you on the Platform, please note that we may not be able to delete all communications or photos, files, or other documents that you have publicly shared on the Platform. We promise never to reveal de-identified or aggregated data in a way that could be used to identify you personally

  13. Disclaimer

    The contents of this website, the application, and the Services are offered on an "as is" basis, with all faults and without any kind of warranty. With regard to the website, application/products, and Services, PIPPAMS hereby disclaims all warranties and conditions, including, but not limited to, implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness, suitability, and non-infringement. Furthermore, PIPPAMS disclaims all liability for any damages resulting from or related to the use or operation of this website, the application, or the Services. We disclaim all liability for any use of information or materials on this website, application, services, or products. You use them at your own risk. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the Services provided by us meet your specific requirements.

  14. Limitation of Liability

    In no case shall PIPPAMS, its affiliates, their respective officers, directors, employees, or agents be liable to you for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, losses or expenses or consequential damages whatsoever resulting from any of the following

    1. errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies of any content available at the Platform;
    2. access to and use of our PIPPAMS Platform which may have resulted in personal injury or property damage, of any kind;
    3. any unauthorized use of our secure servers, including access to or use of any personal or financial information stored therein;
    4. any current transmission to or from the PIPPAMS platform;
    5. any viruses, trojan horses, or the like, which may be transmitted to or through our PIPPAMS Platform by any third party; and/or
    6. any errors or omissions in any other content or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of your use of any content posted, emailed, transmitted, or otherwise made available via the PIPPAMS Platform, whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or otherwise, and whether or not PIPPAMS is advised of the possibility of such damages

    We acknowledge that warranties, disclaimers, and conditions may apply in some jurisdictions that cannot be legally excluded; if that is true in your jurisdiction, then PIPPAMS and its affiliates limit their liability for any claims under those warranties or conditions to supplying you the PIPPAMS Platform again, to the extent permitted by law.

    You specifically agree that PIPPAMS will not be held responsible for content created by users, or defamatory, offensive, or unlawful behaviour by third parties. You also understand that the risk of injury or damage resulting from the aforementioned material/act(s) rests solely with you.

  15. Indemnity and Release

    You agree, to the extent allowed by the applicable law, to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless PIPPAMS, its affiliates, and each of their officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including attorney's fees) arising from:

    1. your use of and access to the PIPPAMS Platform;
    2. your violation of any term of the Platform Terms;
    3. your violation of any third party right, including without limitation any copyright, property, or privacy right; or
    4. your violation of any applicable laws.

    This defense and indemnification obligation will survive these Terms and Conditions, as well as your use of the PIPPAMS Platform.

    You specifically release PIPPAMS, its affiliates, and any of their officers, directors, employees, and agents from any liability, cost, or other consequence arising from the actions or inactions of any third-party vendors or service providers and specifically waive any claims or demands that you may have in this regard, against PIPPAMS, its affiliates, and any of their officers, directors, employees, or agents under any statute, contract, or otherwise.

  16. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

    Without reference to principles of conflict of law, the Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of India. Furthermore, you hereby consent to and accept the jurisdiction of the competent courts located in the state of Michigan, USA, which will have exclusive jurisdiction over the Terms and Conditions.

  17. General Provisions

    You agree to be bound by any changes or revisions that PIPPAMS makes to the Agreement and its policies at any time, in its sole discretion. If the Agreement is modified, your continued use of the Platform will be interpreted as your approval and acceptance of the changes. Nothing in this Agreement shall be interpreted as granting any rights or advantages to third parties. It is recommended that you frequently check our Platform to see the most recent updates and to stay up to date with any changes that might be incorporated. When events materially beyond PIPPAMS' control occur, such as acts of God, acts of the public enemy or governmental bodies acting in their sovereign or contractual capacities, war, terrorism, floods, fire, strikes, epidemics, civil unrest or riots, power outages, and/or unusually severe weather, PIPPAMS will not be held liable for any failure to perform or delay in performing any of its obligations.

    The Agreement shall be deemed severable and the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected in the event that any part of the Agreement is found to be unlawful, void, or unenforceable. We do not promise constant, secure, or uninterrupted access to the Platform, and a number of uncontrollable circumstances may prevent the Platform from operating as intended. Headings serve solely as a guide and in no way define, restrict, interpret, or characterize the parameters or range of a particular section. We retain the right to take action in response to any future or comparable breaches by you or others even if we choose not to take action in response to any similar previous breaches.

  18. Contact for User Support/Queries

    In case of inquiries regarding the Services offered by PIPPAMS, kindly write to us at help@pippams.com.

  19. Consumer Grievance

    Contact Person: Kritvi Rana
    Designation: PIPPAMS, Head of Partnerships and Program
    Contact Details: kritvi@pippams.com

  20. Contact Us

    You can email us at help@pippams.com with any questions or concerns that you may have about the Platform Terms.